TeleRoad ® is made of fiberglass/opal glass filling fibers and are used in stabilizing asphalt roads and renewal of bituminous road surfaces in general.

TeleRoad ® provides saving in money and time as it is quickly and easily prepared on site. Apart from asphalt reinforcement TeleRoad ® is also used in applications where high strength and low elongation is required.

TeleRoad ® is a high resistance glass web coated with tar to be used in areas listed below:
• road construction
• road repairs
• lane expansion
• pavement connection extensions
• airport runways
• repair of any streets where cracks have occurred due to reasons such as heavy traffic

Special benefits
•  Quick, easy and economical application, even in cold weather (provided that use instructions regarding asphalt and emulsion are observed)
•  It extends service life of road surfaces
•  Perfect integration with the surface
•  Recedes crack and reinforces asphalt extending its service life
•  Lower Repair costs
•  Reduces the need for asphalt
•  High tensile strength and shearing strength
•  Fully recyclable with glass screens.

TeleRoad ® product range:
•  Three different tensile strengths: TR 50/50 kN/m, TR 100/100 kN/m and TR 120/200 kN/m
•  Standard width: 2,20m
•  Roll length 100m