Rock Fall Problems

In general rock fall problems cannot be covered under a single solution. Depending on the circumstances, problem can be solved by using only twisted pair wire mesh or twisted pair wire mesh reinforced with steel cables or a solution in combination with rack stopping barriers.

Precision risk analysis shall be conducted at the beginning to ensure correct solution. These depend on the morphological structure of the slope buildings under risk in the periphery, importance and density of the road or railroad underneath. All these factors considered, our company provides the most accurate and economic solution with the best combination of the products.
Solutions provided by our company for rock falls can be listed under two headers.

These are better categorized as;

  • Surface coating materials against falls broken from the surface (all types of steel grid materials, types of these reinforced with steel cables, anchorages in various sizes and properties, etc.)
  • Special rock stopping barriers and designs at points with falling risk, where surface coating is not possible or economical.

Our company conducts its entire works with its expert and experienced staff and uses the leading software around the globe. Expert professional mountaineers are used in application and correct engineering is combined with expert teams.