In undersea applications, geotextiles resistant to special sea influences designed to prevent erosion and carving can be used.
Our company provides technical support regarding the use of geotextiles and geosynthetics to project companies and administrations.

Pipe Protection

Seabed is fitted with many pipes. Ship turbines wear seabed causing erosion. An effective protection method is to coat these in 10-13cm concrete in a FlexiTex® layer.
Concrete lining shall be done correctly in manner to prevent water currents infiltrate under the lining. Our engineers can make recommendations on the impact of local conditions such as hydraulic currents, depths and seabed types.
In general, use of lining between the pies and FlexiTex® will protect the pipe against mechanical forces.

Weighing Sleeves for Pipes

Transfer of oil or liquids is a common line of undersea works. It is essential that pipes are sunk using ballast systems to protect against naval traffic.
FlexiTex® is placed around the pipe at determined locations. Then concrete can be cast conveniently under water into double woven FlexiTex®.

Underwater Concrete Application

Underwater concrete reinforcement works can be easily done with FlexiTex® lining. In order to protect seabed or port structures, FlexiTex® can b easily filled with concrete.
When the ports need to be dredged to allow entry to deeper vessels, previous structures need to be protected and concrete linings provide permanent solutions that prevent future erosion.