Environment is deemed important in today’s world and many sanitary landfills are built and being built. Geomembranes, geotextiles, drainage composites and geosynthetic clay liners (GLC) used in sanitary landfills are very essential.
Our company supports many administrations and project companies in correct use and technical support of these materials.
It also supplies materials to many contractors compliant with their technical specifications.

Mud Curtain

Mud curtains provide controlled enclosed areas acting as a barrier controlling solid suspended in water. Curtains installed underneath water are designed to:
• Dredging applications
• Oil or chemical leak prevention and enclosure
• Jellyfish isolation

We provide a wide solution range from simple TeleEnviro® geotextiles to ready to use floating barriers, according to your needs.


Tele Textiles provide different solutions that will significantly reduce pollution in submerged environments. We provide assistance with special designs to solve your problem even if you create pollution in sediments in sea/river bed or suspended in water:
* Controlling polluted sediments
TeleEnviro® laid on the sea/river bed will cover heavy metals and polluted sediments at the bottom. Thanks to filtration provided by TeleEnvirov®, pollutants will be restrained and only water will permeate.

Turbidity Control

Today, too many lakes have swimming forbidden due to the high level of particles in suspension in the water. Authorities become aware of these pollution issues and need to find solutions to solve the problem.
Laid on the lakebed, TeleEnviro® will confine the particles in suspension in water. Acting as a filter, this geotextile clears the water and enables the development and rehabilitation of recreation areas in lakes.